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The Management in a Chaordic Age: some tips on a new scenario


                           It’s about Chaordic Age

Management is not only a gear of processes.

When huge changes are going to take the shape of permanent structure of a reality, we are called to decipher the piece of history that we have to cope with. It’s about the chaordic age, that’s it.

What is that?

Well, the mix of chaos and order=chaordic (time).

Infact, we have chaos and because of that the entropy of the system in which we live is going to increase more and more. And that happens because any change entails chaos, period.

But the chaos cannot be the only good fellow of this club called “humanity and society”, and therefore the order starts to get closer to the human life through some pieces of reassessment of the whole reality.


                     To manage chaos & order


The double movement above described is what we can consider as the “chaordic” age: the more there is chaos in a system, the more the intelligence of order is naturally invited to place in the wholeness of real.

That’s why it is much more relevant not pushing ahead the reality forcing the environment to replace the chaos, but, conversely, the best solution is letting that the entropy makes its job and, once done that, retrieves the streams of consciuousness within the structure of society and human reality.


  How evolution of societies and human beings work


The evolution of societies and human beings, both, have been always shaped by this contradictory and somehow counterintuitive force. It is a kind of energy necessary to widen new horizons helping people to dig into the daily and ordinary life and meaning of history, as well.

So, just a process in terms of inside-out management can create the conditions to get out the conventional view of “chaos vs order” or what is basically the projection of this first polarity, namely the polarity “complexity-order”.

There is not such as a complexity to re-order, but just a living stream to consider and therefore a mainstream made of facts, events, findings: materials to see and to read according the shape that they put on the ground, moment to moment.

Life & business keep, at the bottom, the same reality and they are involved into the reality as experiences to steer, steadily and flexibly, at the same time, grabbing the rudder in the hands.

The process is what we can define as “management”, the active side of that “to manage” more similar to a fractal than to a fuzzy logic.

If you want to check a view of this correlation between chaos and order, you can enjoy a video, on “Freedom and (is) Sacrifice”, putting in other words the same point (you find it on the playlist below):


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